As described above in the tungsten section initial / sighter metallurgical testwork on approximately 200kg of silexite (the quartz-topaz rich host rock to the tungsten mineralization) commenced early January and was completed in early March 2016.

Whilst the programme was focused on production of a tungsten (ferberite) concentrate invariably topaz reported to the final product as can be seen in the photograph below admixed with the tungsten, or as a middling containing some tungsten, or in the waste stream from the spirals together with quartz and other minerals.

Table concentration after spirals. The heavy minerals tungsten and topaz are concentrated to the left of the image

Processing of the remaining 700kg of the original bulk sample (for metallurgical testwork) based on the parameters of the testwork results to date will be undertaken in October. Topaz testwork will be undertaken afterwards on the middlings and waste material after the gravity tungsten recovery.

QEMSCAN mineralogical studies of mineralised and unmineralised silexite produced important information on the relationship between tungsten and topaz in the silexite host rock.

A copy of the QEMSCAN study can be viewed by following this link.